Stainless Steel Carrying Idler Frame Set

Our Stainless Steel Carrying Idlers frame set are designed for extreme and requesting applications with an impedance fit between the shaft and the bearing for improved fixing, better solidness and longer life. Our Stainless Steel Carrying Idlers frame set are available in a wide variety of configurations including: toughing, return, impact, rubber disc return, conveyor rollers.

  • Deep drawn steel end cap with metal external seal gives brilliant strength and insurance
  • Exclusive multi-maze nyloplast-6 contact seal forestalls bearing pollution Shafts are precisely machined, to help ensure proper bearing alignment
  • Heavy exactness ground fixed for life metal balls
  • Reduced grating levels help preserve energy
  • We Bring Top-Notch Stainless Steel Carrying Idler Frame Set Expertise to the Table
Stainless Steel Carrying Idler Frame Set

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