Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt

Deccan Conveyor Belting, an ultra-lightweight alternative to typical reinforcing materials like steel, has a proven track record in a wide range of applications, from ballistic protection to Formula One tyres. Deccan Conveyor Belting has also been a part of the mining environment for almost three decades, delivering reliable conveyor belt reinforcing.

Our customers have a large selection of high-quality heavy-duty conveyor belts to pick from, that are specifically designed to withstand high wear and are widely used to transport a variety of hot and oily materials such as coke, hot fertilisers, asphalt, grit, ore, coal, rocks, stones, clinkers, and riprap. This belt has a naked back (slider bed) that allows for easy operations when transporting logs and other forest goods.

Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt

Our heavy duty belts are expertly engineered and put through rigorous testing on tensile strength, elongation at break, maximum abrasion loss, and other factors. Airports, shipyards, thermal plants, construction, mining, processing, and a variety of other industries use these heavy-duty conveyor belts. We specialise in providing heavy strength belts in both standard and bespoke configurations. We offer services such as belt installation, joining, and maintenance, rubber lining, and pulley lagging at your location in addition to the supply of our products. We also offer annual service agreements. Avoid wasting of time and get along with our best and experienced team. We are always going to offer you with interesting sets Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt, waiting for you to grab. There are many and best packages, which are available here for you. Our customers and clients will always get one to one attention and the best unique quality which every client and customer deserves. If you want the best Heavy Duty Conveyor Belts that gives you the best service for more time then you can visit our website www.deccanconveyorbeltings.com and make your order and grab this opportunity or call us on 9505810031, 9700546192.

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